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Schoonheidssalon Oss - Wellness Amara is dé beauty-salon in Oss voor een gezichtsbehandeling en een ontspannende massage. Bekijk de reinigende en verzorgende behandelingen hier online.

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Beauty Salon Oss - Wellness Amara is specialised in skin and relaxation treatments for men and women. Located in Oss and suited for the troubled skin or people looking to keep their skin in good shape.

Facial Treatment Oss

Book one of our facial treatments through the website and receive a free Juvena Trial Pack!

Beautifier Woman (60min)

Choose our classic Beautifier treatment and get a facial mask tuned specifically for your skin type. This treatment includes a facial,- and neck massage and after the session you will be treated with Juvena’s day,- or night creme.


This treatment is specifically for the skin that is starting to show signs of aging. Our anti-aging specialist treatment includes the great Skin Nova product and after this healing and rejuvenating mask you will get either the day,- or night cream from Juvena combined with an amazing macadamia oil that helps regenerate your skin.


Is your skin troubled by impurities and could it use a good cleaning? Try the Wellness Amara Intense Skin Cleaning treatment specifically designed to clean, purify and revitalize your skin. This extensive treatment is meant for skin types that require an intense cleaning and followed up by a calming facial mask. While the mask is doing it’s magic you’ll be treated with an amazing massage so that you, and your skin, can truly come at ease.

If you book a facial treatment through the website you will get a free Juvena trial pack.



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Wellness Amara is a Beauty Salon in Oss specialized in skincare and muscle relaxation.

We also do smaller treatments please check the treatment page, we use high quality ethereal oils during the treatments to aid the cleansing of the skin.

Wellness Amara aims for a healthy, well fed skin - and a relaxed mind

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